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About Laura

Laura Clark-Hansen was an actress, playwright and theater producer. She held a Masters Degree in Human Development and was the co-founder of Cornerstone Productions LLC, a theater company dedicated to helping groups and organizations develop exceptional programs that were educational and entertaining. She co-wrote and performed “Questions" & “Questions II" - one woman shows for middle school students and "The Next Level,” - a play celebrating the history of women in sports. She created Supporting Players© Trainings and for 15 years she and her husband Paul trained young students how to create scenes about meaningful topics through the use of improvisation. She was very involved with the Wisconsin Ovarian Cancer Alliance (WOCA) as an Ambassador for the Madison area. She wrote and performed a one woman show about her ovarian cancer journey called "Please Send Hats.” Laura was also active as a Director and Presenter for “Survivors Teaching Students: Saving Women’s Lives®” a program that brings ovarian cancer survivors into medical school classrooms to share their stories and key information about the disease to 3rd year medical students.

Laura affected countless people with her endless love, her boundless energy, her indomitable spirit and her incredible strength. She was truly a gift to us all.

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