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Reviews for Please Send Hats

“Please Send Hats” is a surprisingly spectacular memoir, weaving together vivid images of Clark-Hansen’s childhood, correlating personal breakthroughs during her course of treatment with the lessons learned while growing up with 11 siblings in Madison, Wisconsin and on the family farm. A fascinating story-teller, Clark-Hansen gives the reader insights into her “take the bull by the horns” approach to navigating the river of her cancer journey. 

Pam Crowe


I strongly encourage you to purchase this wonderful memoir. It is available to order on Amazon and if you enjoy it as much as I did please pass on the information to friends and family. If you are a member of a Book Club please consider choosing it as one of your monthly picks. Thank you for posting my review,  

Rosemary Mueller


I expected a heart-felt story about the author’s story of cancer survival and it didn’t disappoint, but it’s so much more. Threaded into her book, often from a baby boomer perspective, is practical advice (in chapters entitled “Hair and Loss,” “Music Therapy,” and “Sexuality,” among others) as well as colorful, often humorous, memories--asking, as a seven-year-old who attended a Catholic school, “Why can’t [the babies in Limbo] at least go to Purgatory?” It left me wanting to hear more stories from her too-short life.

Kate Bauhs Dike


This book is filled with Laura’s spirit! Her tenacious, tender and insightful, funny, curious and questing, audacious, full-bodied life force! It’s the spirit that secures our friendship over what has been, and will remain, stretches of time and distance. Reading Please Send Hats, I rediscovered my dear friend, and more importantly, I came to recognize universal connections between all of us. Laura writes with a welcoming hand, sharing her life’s path and revealing that which also belongs to you and me. 

Cynthia Hector Rollins


Please Send Hats by Laura Clark Hansen is an amazing book chronicling her journey with Ovarian cancer. Through her humor and compassion and gift of true story telling she brings it to life. This book will bring tears and laughter touching your raw emotions. It brings out so many issues that occur with cancer and her view of how to deal with your "new normal". Stories of her childhood years make it very personal that many can relate to. I highly recommend this book to anyone who is facing the diagnosis or have a friend or family member dealing with cancer. It will be a true light in your own journey! 

Candice Clark


Please Send Hats is a very moving and informative story about Laura Clark-Hansen’s personal journey with ovarian cancer. This extraordinary woman tells her story with humor tying in reflections from her past. Her vibrant personality is infused throughout the book as she continues to reach and teach others as she so expertly did in life. 

Teresa Mertens-Pellitteri


Laura's story is a message to all of us to be true to ourselves in our own personal journeys. She also inspires us to take advantage of resources that might propel us forward.

JoEllen Malara


Great book! Such a great lady! And an important book for anyone going thru cancer! 

Jane Miller

* Paul's Caregiver Video for The Wisconsin Ovarian Cancer Alliance Virtual Survivor's Brunch - Posted June 5th 2020

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